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I have told patients for years that I would rather get adjusted every day for the rest of my life while eating McDonalds and being sedentary than eat organic, workout, and not have my nervous system at peak function with regular adjustments! People look at me like I’m crazy, but please allow me to explain with science.

First, lifestyle is crucial and I’m not proposing you stop living a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle creates subluxation (neurological stress). That would be hypocritical and unethical in my opinion to only adjust spines without educating people how to maintain and prevent subluxation patterns from occurring. This is why we have 5 essentials in Max Living and we must work diligently to uphold these principles to limit subluxation from occurring.

Second, subluxation can only be reduced but never completely removed. Every day we are faced with emotional stressors that spike cortisol, driving us into a fight or flight state. We try to eat healthy on the road but unfortunately the oil additives often make it difficult. Exercise is a stress to the body even though it's healthy, and to top it off we are under gravity at our desks daily typing away at toxic screens awaiting our next Facebook or email notification. We are toxic and living in a fallen broken world to say the least and so each day is a choice whether to exacerbate these processes or slow them down so our bodies can adapt and recover.

“The central nervous system interacts dynamically with the immune system to modulate inflammation through humoral and neural pathways…Recent evidence suggests that the vagal innervation of the gastrointestinal tract also plays a major role controlling intestinal immune activation.”The vagal innervation of the gut and immune homeostasis BMJ. GUT vol 62, issue 8

This article published in the British Medical Journal should hush anyone who thinks regular chiropractic care is just an “alternative” healthcare option. Chiropractic care is crucial not only for proper function of ALL systems in the body but for proper adaptation and recovery to occur. Our first option should be chiropractic for ear infections, belly issues, eczema, depression, cancer, etc. How will anything else work without proper central nervous system function? So, before you run to the supplement store you better make sure your spines are adjusted. Stay blessed!

- Dr. Brandon

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