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Our Staff

As part of Revive's office, we strive to live out the 5 Essentials and be the leaders our patients and town need. If you ever have any questions, please stop one of us and ask away! We are always here to help, to chat, and to get to know you better.


Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brandon Shriner

Dr. Brandon Shriner graduated from Ohio University in 2002 with a BA in Exercise Physiology. While there, he competed at 149lbs for the Bobcats until a career-ending neck surgery changed his All-American dreams.


After multiple failed attempts to find the cause to his health problems, Dr. Brandon found Max Living chiropractic and his life was forever changed. He no longer suffered from chronic migraines and numbness in his arms and he decided he wanted to help others the way he was helped. Dr. Brandon met his wife, Dr. Samantha, at Life University in chiropractic school and they were called back to Lewis Center, Ohio to open Revive Chiropractic.


Dr. Brandon’s drive to share the truth about health and healing in the community has allowed him to transform the lives of many families. His love for knowledge has driven him to be an expert in Spinal Correction to restore the God-given potential of our nervous system. He knows the body’s potential to heal itself and has a hard time accepting the chronic need for mainstream drugs and surgery. He has had to watch too many loved ones plagued with the common diseases and sicknesses of our country. He knows God has intended us for more and loves to watch lives be transformed through chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle changes.


Dr. Brandon’s passion and love for people has drawn him to serve in many areas of the community. He loves to impact the youth by serving many sports programs and the FCA in the local community, especially wrestling, in hopes they don’t have to go down the same path he went in his athletic career. In addition to young athletes, he has the opportunity to help some of the top athletes in the world on the Sports Performance Council for Team USA wrestling.


Since his surgery, where they told him he would never be able to lift heavy again, he has competed at the Crossfit Games, as well as providing care to those athletes wishing to push the limits. You can also find him donating his time at the Columbus Dream Center providing chiropractic care to those in need.


When Dr. Brandon isn’t serving patients, you will most likely catch him hanging with his three boys (Beckett, Zeke, and Hendrix) and his boxer Bo. You wouldn’t know this from being in the office, but Dr. Brandon is naturally a “homebody” who loves spending time outdoors, bow hunting and working out.

Dr. Samantha Shriner

Dr. Samantha was born and raised in Portage, Michigan. Growing up, she always had a heightened curiosity for a healthy lifestyle and started off at Grand Valley State University working toward a physical therapy degree. Halfway through her program, she discovered chiropractic and its underlying principle that the body was made to heal itself. She knew this was exactly the profession she was called into, made the switch and headed down to Life University to get her doctor of chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia.


Going down to Life University was a life-changing event. She was able to work through years of chronic strep throat, ear infections, weight issues, and female issues. She used to get severely sick four times a year and had to take NyQuil every night just to fall asleep. After regular chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle changes, Dr. Sam no longer gets sick every season, lost weight and female issues resolved. Along with restoring her health, she also met her husband, Dr. Brandon, down in chiropractic school. He somehow convinced a Michigan girl to marry an Ohio boy.


Fast forward a few years and the Shriner Doctors welcomed their first (of 3) baby boy Beckett into the world. Despite doing “all the right things” he was a super colicky baby and had A LOT of tummy issues. 


Relying on the foundation that God doesn’t make babies or people to be sick and suffering their whole lives, they sought an answer. They discovered this is a common issue with parents and babies today, but knew it definitely wasn’t normal. After getting to the cause of baby Beckett’s health issues, Dr. Samantha wanted to make sure no other babies and families had to suffer and be told this was a “normal baby thing, and to just deal with it until they grow out of it." 


Being able to offer patients health and healing the way we live our lives, is one of the greatest blessings and joys Dr. Samantha has. We know in our hearts true healing comes from above, down, inside and out and getting to the cause of the problem is the best “treatment” we can give. She loves to be patient’s cheerleaders in their health journey and believes there is a cause for every health issue. If she doesn’t know the cause immediately, she will search until she finds it, learning and educating herself.


Outside of the office, Dr. Sam loves being a boy mom to Beckett, Zeke, Hendrix and their boxer Bo (who you occasionally see in the office). The whole family loves to be active and outside whenever possible and the boys especially like trying out the new healthy recipes mom makes.  She loves disproving the myth that eating healthy doesn’t taste good.

Dr. Mary Finch-Bruney

Dr. Mary was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. She received her doctorate from the National College of Chiropractic and has been in practice for over 20 years. While her passion is in transforming the health of families, her mission is to help people experience true health, hope, and wholeness.


Since joining the Revive team in February of 2017 and incorporating the 5 essentials lifestyle into her own life, Dr. Mary has lost a total of 45 pounds. She has been married to her husband, Scott, for 22 years, and has a 15-year-old daughter, Corinne.


When she is not in the office helping patients, you can find her at the barn helping Corinne take care of the horses. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking and camping. Dr. Mary is an avid reader, loves animals, and goes to the beach anytime she can.


Meet the Team

Jess Williams

Patient Care Coordinator

Jess originally entered the doors of Revive Chiropractic as a patient in December 2015. After receiving a diagnosis of Endometriosis and PCOS, her gynecologist recommended switching her birth control yet again or a complete hysterectomy at the age of 28. Not having much hope, she was introduced to Dr. Brandon at Revive Chiropractic. A couple months into her treatment, her menstrual cycle regulated on its own and her pain improved. She found relief through the 5 essentials by getting adjusted regularly, attending workshops, and plugging in to the Revive community for support. After experiencing how much Max Living changed her life, she was eager to join the Revive team to help bring the same hope she experienced to other patients.

Jess graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from California Baptist University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Dakota Wesleyan University. She was an All-American collegiate golfer where she helped her team place third in the NAIA National Tournament. In addition to her four years of golf, she played one year of collegiate basketball. She is a proud mama of her rescue pup, Jasper, and enjoys laughing, joke telling, traveling, reading, learning, golf, family time, and vacations to the Smoky Mountains. Her passion and purpose are to help others experience and live their best lives.


Erica King

Office Manager

Erica grew up in Tucson Arizona. She moved to Ohio in 2012 with a scholarship to Ohio State University and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. She is very passionate about children, and worked in schools and daycares, focusing on early childhood.


However, she developed inflammatory, gastrointestinal, and allergy issues shortly after graduating, which stopped her pursuit of her Master's, and continuation of her career path. She was transformed by the holistic health approach after more "traditional" routes of treatment did nothing. After 1.5/2 years of being sick, with essential oils and supplements, and a highly restrictive diet, she finally found relief that enabled her to work again.


She happened to hear Dr. B's podcast one day and saw that Revive was hiring, and wanted to join the team on their mission of true health. After joining Revive, the missing piece of chiropractics was added to her newfound "maxliving" lifestyle. She feels she is the healthiest she has ever been, and the few residual issues from her issues have finally dissipated.


She is excited to join Revive on this mission to save our town and loves seeing the lives of the children who come into the office improve, transform, and become better. She loves to paint, volunteer with the children at her church every Sunday at Veritas, and her two cats named Ed and Jeff.


Kristen Brown

Patient Care Integration and Exam Technician 

Kristen started her journey with Revive as a patient for 2.5 years before joining the Revive team in August 2017. She was born and raised with her twin sister in central Ohio and lived in Tennessee for a few years working towards a Communication degree.

Kristen found herself thinking back pain was a normal occurrence for people as they got older. Little did she know that the back pain she was experiencing was caused by the start of mild scoliosis, bringing other health concerns into the picture. As she began to develop and implement the 5 essentials into her daily life, she was surprised to see her eczema, depression, anxiety, and hormone/weight loss struggles diminish! She knew she had to be a part of the journey of bringing health, hope, and happiness to others. Just like her, there are so many searching people who have no idea what the power of chiropractic can do!

When Kristen isn’t in the office, you can find her hanging out with those close to her, volunteering at her local church or exploring any and every adventure she can get her hands on. Kristen has been skydiving three times and has traveled to over 10 countries! At the end of the day, Kristen tries to live life to its fullest, taking in every opportunity she can to better herself and help those around her reach their full God-given potential.


Kate Fyffe

Patient Account Specialist and Products Manager

Kate’s journey with Revive Chiropractic first began in October 2017 when she became a patient. During her childhood, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Although it was not severe at the time, the curvature got worse as she grew up. During her early 20s, she began to have extreme back pain and was also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and adrenal fatigue. When the pain became constant, she confided in her mom who encouraged Kate to call her cousin, Dr. Brandon.


Shortly after beginning care at Revive, she started to feel the pain go away! Inspired by the education and results she was receiving from her care, Kate began to take full ownership of her health and dove right into learning as much as she could through various Revive events. Kate also enrolled in the Revive Metabolix program so that she could take her health to the next level. During the program, her mental health and energy began to improve significantly!

Now Kate is able to fully enjoy her favorite mode of transportation, biking.  As long as the weather permits, she loves hopping on her bike instead of driving to wherever she wants to go. When she’s not on her bike, you can find her reading, being creative, organizing literally anything, cooking delicious healthy meals, listening to podcasts, making anyone laugh, or cuddling up with her rescue cat, Future. Although she is a huge animal lover, her biggest passion is people. Kate loves being with her family and friends as much as possible!

Stephanie Mahaney

Max Metabolix Manager

Stephanie Mahaney was born and raised in Akron, OH. She attended Ohio Northern University where she received her Doctor of Pharmacy. During her time at ONU, she ALMOST switched majors to biochemistry or nutrition because she was fascinated by how vitamins and nutrients affected how our bodies functioned. This passion for true health and proper nutrition led Stephanie to join the Revive team.

Stephanie was a chiropractic patient at Revive Chiropractic since they first opened and despite the best chiropractic care and improved diet, she still struggled with some chronic health issues. When Revive started their Metabolix program Stephanie was intrigued and jumped on board to get tested. It was through the Metabolix program that Stephanie was able to address the root cause of her health issues and find healing. This led Stephanie to want to learn more and she eventually was able to join Dr. Sam in running the Metabolix Program.

Stephanie completed a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2018 so she could further her knowledge to better help those she serves at Revive Chiropractic.

When Stephanie is not at the office you can find her spending time with her family – her husband Michael and daughter Charlotte, finding new healthy recipes to try, reading, listening to music, CrossFit or some type of exercise, and researching more about nutrition and health.