Good Nutrition for a Healthier Life 

There is an abundance of misleading information out there from “fad diets” to the next “superfood/ super nutrient”. But we know that unhealthy nutrition with high sugar and carbohydrates, bad fats and “filler” ingredients can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and spinal degeneration. We aim to create nutrition plans specific to your needs that make eating simple, easy and fun again. 


Revive's Max Metabolix Program

Through the years, we have also found our country has been eating so poorly for so long that simple dietary changes may not be enough to combat serious diseases caused by nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and gut bacterial imbalances. Through metabolic testing in our Max Metabolix Program, we are able to see exactly how your body is functioning and what it needs to help further your healing process.​

Essential No. 4

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