A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Scheduling Your First Visit

- We request that your new patient paperwork is filled out before coming to your appointment! If paperwork is not complete, be prepared to have your visit rescheduled as we are an active office. If you cannot print your paperwork, please come 30-45 minutes early to complete your forms. (Paperwork will be emailed to you after you book your appointment.)

- We request a reservation payment to hold your appointment's time slot. (Payment invoice will be emailed to you after you book your appointment. Please complete your payment within 24 hours of receiving your reservation invoice. If payment is not made, be prepared to reschedule your visit.)

- ​Revive is a family friendly office! We encourage you to bring your family. If you are planning on scheduling a visit for multiple people, please call our office at (614) 781-8808 as we may have time slots available that are not shown on the online scheduling form!

- If you need to visit sooner than what shows as available online, please call our office at (614) 781-8808.


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"REVIVE is so much more than just your run of the mill chiropractic office.
Insurance companies do not determine your care plan here, the doctors do and it's really a care plan because they genuinely care!
Actually, with the passion Dr. B has for your total health, some may find that he cares for your health more than you do.
(How refreshing!)
In addition to your adjustment, they provide you and your family with continuous guidance toward whole health, with access to attend regularly scheduled events, webinars and podcasts, in addition to their Radio Broadcast and Website.
It's a journey toward health that some patients commit to immediately and some of us muddle through until life gives us a reason to open our eyes to the true benefits of what a whole health chiropractic life can bring. Everyone, from newborn babies to old farts like me, are welcomed into the REVIVE family.
After your first two appointments, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision about how you will control your health.
If you make the effort, your life can only improve from there.
Check out Revive today!"

Sabrina R.

"Revive Chiropractic has changed my family's life. They are more than chiropractic care, they are an extended family. They provide support for all pillars of life. I highly recommend Revive Chiropractic for anyone who wants to live a better and fuller life. Thank you to all at Revive for enriching my life and my family's lives."

- Sarah L.

"I very rarely ever leave Revive without gaining some new knowledge that helps move me forward in my desire to live a healthier life."

- Michael H.

"In this first appointment initial diagnosis was performed to determine the course of treatment that would be needed for me personally to get me on the way to the best alignment possible so I can have the best health possible. The staff was thorough and did not rush me like on an assembly line. They are committed to help each person to achieve their best health possible. They have a whole person holistic approach to get to the root of health problems rather than to treat just the symptoms. My initial rating is excellent."

- Doug J.