Chiropractic’s purpose is to free the nervous system of interference so it can more clearly and accurately perceive the bodies ever changing needs

Revive your Nutrition

Genes do not determine our health, genes determine our species type.  Our choices determine our health and we have the power to make healthy or unhealthy choices  

Revive your Movement

Sitting to your spine is like sugar to your teeth.  Subluxation is common within industrial society because we have a pandemic of sedentary living  

Revive your Thinking

Spinal cord stress results in increased firing of negative body thought pathways and drives physiology away from health and toward illness


New Patients

 What to expect on your first visit

Your family’s first visit will be used to gather all the pertinent information needed so our doctor’s can effectively and efficiently serve you. Our desire is to be your health advocate to get you healthy and to keep you healthy.  Our focus throughout your first phase of care is to break harmful neurological patterns and to allow your body to adapt to stress and NOT be consumed by it. Call us now at 614-781-8808 to schedule your family’s first life changing visit
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Who We Are

Revive Chiropractic is your leader in spinal correction and lifestyle education.  By using the latest scientific chiropractic research and modern technology our team is confident that we can become your health advocate and help you and your family acheive your God given health potential


Why Choose Us

  • IntegrityOpen or Close

    Revive Chiropractic’s foundation is built around biblical principles.  We tolerate only the upmost respect for our staff and practice members while creating a safe, fruitful, and life changing environment.  These principles create the best atmosphere for health and healing

  • True correctionOpen or Close

    Research now shows that there is a normal spinal model and when achieved yields the best opportunity for health and well being.  At Revive our goal is to not only break harmful neurological patterns but also retrain the brain and spinal structures to adapt to lifestyle stressors.

  • LifestyleOpen or Close

    Not only is Revive your leader in spinal correction, we also want to educate you and your family about how to get and stay healthy.  Our lifestyle education courses on how to Eat, Move, and Think are designed to help guide you along that path